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Pecking at the keyboard until something clever emerges
MSufSort 4
June 2, 2015
I've had MSufSort 4 algorithm improvements fleshed out for years now but simply have not had any free time to work on the implementation in any way. I was able to put together a prototype several years back which demonstrated that it clearly outperformed existing solutions.

Road map:   (* indicates new for version 4)

  • Three pivot multikey quicksort
  • Insertion sort specialized for strings *
  • Fully parallelized quicksort/insertion sort
  • Cache friendly improved two stage
  • Tandem repeat sort
  • Opportunistic induction sort *
  • Fully parallelized second stage for improved two stage *
Site Redo
June 1, 2015
Finally getting the site and its content back in order. Project work will resume on MSufSort 4 as well as M03 with context skipping. I'll be starting with MSufSort 4 and the content will be placed on github. Since I do not have a lot of time available I'll be adding to the project feature by feature until the project is complete. Updates will be documented here.